If You Wish To Cancel A Purchased Trip Package Within 15 Days, You May Be Eligible For An Immediate Refund. After Deducting The Agent's Fee And The LYT Cancellation Fee, There Is Any Money Left Over On LYT; It Will Be Returned To The Visitor Within 7 To 15 Working Days After The Guest Submitting The Cancellation Request. Based On What Packaged You Purchased, Various Refund Procedures Apply.

Any Bank Fees Associated With The Refund, Whether Made To The Customer's Credit Account Or A Bank Account, Are Deducted From The Refunds. There Will Be No Repayment Or Reduction Given To Any Tour Participant In Respect Of Airfare, Accommodations, Meals, Guided Tours, Transportation, Or Any Other Facilities Included Within The Trip Fare Out But Which Are Not Used By Tour Person Due To Some Personal Reasons, Regardless Of The Reason For The Non-Utilization.